Wherever possible we use produce and products produced on Bornholm, from beer and Bornholm cheese to milk and flour, etc.

All pastries and crepes are home-baked, of course. And based on the principle of a limited selection of high quality.

Anja's Crepes

1) Crepe with jam

DKK 32,-

2) Crepe with chocolate sauce

DKK 32,-

3) Crepe with acacia honey

DKK 32,-

4) Crepe with chocolate sauce and nuts

DKK 36,-

5) Crepe with Nutella, bananas and nuts

DKK 44,-

Scoops of ice cream for crepes

Your choice of Danish ice cream, per scoop

DKK 6,-

Italian ice cream, per scoop

DKK 10,-

Home-baked pastry of the house

Pastry of the day

DKK 30,-

The Queen's Layer Cake

DKK 35,-

The Queen's favourite layer cake during the time she spent at Slusegaard.

Sømarkens Sub Sandwich

Sub sandwich with lettuce, butter and 4 types of meat topping.

DKK 68,-

Sub sandwich bread with lettuce and butter.

2 kinds of meat topping and 2 kinds of cheese.

DKK 68,-

All meats are locally made and come from Bornholm Lamb, Vasagaard Pig Farm, Nature Cattle Bornholm.

Slusegaard's sandwich/sub

With lettuce, chicken, bacon and dressing.

DKK 58,-

Ice cream in a glass

1 scoop

DKK 18,-

2 scoops

DKK 24,-

2 scoops including your choice of sprinkles

DKK 30,-