Wherever possible we use produce and products grown/produced on Bornholm, from beer and Bornholm cheese to milk and flour, etc.

All pastries and crepes are home-baked, of course. And based on the principle of a limited selection of high quality.

Cafetière (with plunger) (see coffee/tea menu)

Small (2 cups)

DKK 38,-

Medium (4 cups)

DKK 65,-

Large (6 cups)

DKK 90,-

Tea 1 pot

DKK 38,-

Hot cocoa with whipped cream

1 cup

DKK 22,-

1 pitcher (2 cups)

DKK 38,-

Bornholmer juice

DKK 25,-





Apple juice, Elstar

Apple juice, red aroma

Organic smoothies ”Ørbæk”

DKK 30,-

Mango smothie

Blueberry smoothie

Spring water, 50 cl

DKK 25,-

San Pellegrino, fizzy

San Pellegrino, still

Tap water, 1 pitcher

DKK 15,-

Draught beer from Svaneke Brewery

Sømarkens Gold

Large 45 cl.

DKK 45,-

Small 35 cl.

DKK 40,-


Large 45 cl.

DKK 45,-

Small 35 cl.

DKK 40,-

Bottled beer:

DKK 45,-

Svaneke Classic

Svaneke Sømarkens Guld

Svaneke Brown Ale

Svaneke Pilsner



DKK 160,-


DKK 35,-

Anjou Rose Les Terriades Prestige 2011. France.

Full-bodied, elegant taste with a waft of sweetness.

White wine Ca de Rocchi, Bianco di Custoza 2011. Italy.

Intense, fruity and pleasantly aromatic.

Red wine Stonefish - Shiraz. Australia.

Intense, rich aroma of coffee and chocolate with shades of berries.

Moscato Spurmante. Italy.

A charming, delicious spumante.

Spirits and liqueurs

Havana Club 2 cl.

DKK 28,-

Cointreau 2 cl.

DKK 28,-

Grand Marnier 2 cl.

DKK 28,-

Metaxa 2 cl.

DKK 28,-

Bardinet 2 cl. French Brandy

DKK 28,-

Sluse Rum  2 cl.

DKK 38,-

A splendid, soft Barbados rum, blended by master blender Søren Beyer, of Bornholm.

Syp & schnapps

DKK 22,-